Sunday, December 28, 2014

Heart wrenching

One of the very few pictures that speaks a thousand words.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Lingering thoughts of an inconsequential moment

A dinner that I attended, a team dinner. The theme was Masquerade. An event of masks, gowns, suits and ties. 

It was a celebration for a win. A get-together of the most random people. And the moment that still lingers ever so often in my mind is when someone played the piano, a very familiar melody. The Scientist, I realised. And people just gathered around, humming to the song, smiling, and singing. 

Nobody said it was easy, its such a shame for us to part.

And we sang. It wasn't anywhere near perfect, but it was a moment of warmth and joy.

Though a short one, but memorable. Cause I then remembered how music can be so alive, and how it unites people.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Just Another Lazy Sunday Afternoon

As the title would have implied, I'm wasting my time away just lying on the sofa reading a book on my lappie. Haven't had much time lately to 'waste' away like this ever since I started working. Working itself is not as hard as juggling and managing my time, and the people around me that I cared about, also the most carefully guarded subject, money $$$. Lol. These are important stuffs which I was never shed light on, till I started my first career ever. Well lets skip the seriousness and boredom of work-related subjects, it's a Sunday after all, it's meant for people to laze around, I guess, at least for me.

Speaking of which, after hours of moulding myself to the sofa and reading that ebook, I was left a little frustrated, craving for more, as that bloody book left me with a hanging ending. And it doesn't end at that, but also gave me a constant neck-ache, light headedness, and also an empty stomach. Well nothing less to expect for since I practically glued myself to the sofa for hours, exactly like a paralyzed being, difference being me having the choice of moving, latter, not.

Well that was for the previous novel I was reading, its titled Where We Belong by Emily Griffin. Good story, but I don't fancy the ending, just a heads up. Now moving onto another one, Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella, story's interesting, funny lines here and there, got me cracked up with laughters every now and then. I know how I would've seemed to go bonkers laughing to myself like that, but oh well, its too funny sometimes to stifle a laugh.

Okay, enough of my ramblings, shall sign off for now. Till the next post then. :)

Monday, December 24, 2012

So, what's next?

Its mind-numbing how the thought of one person can evoke so little hope and yet so much disappointments. I can't even begin to fathom what is it about this person that often drives me so insane up and down the roller coaster of emotions. My mind is always telling me rationally how I should make a retreat, and yet my heart is always racing forward, towards what I call now, an abyss of darkness, a place forlorn of all hope. Despite the name, my heart still long for this cold place. The only restrain I could manage is the belief that what I wanted is not in there, and never will be there.

So here I am, always unable to untangle myself from these strings of emotions. And despite any distances, I still care, and I still think about it from time to time. What's different now is how I've embraced it, and I'm glad I'm not so broken, not so dysfunctional.

Who would have known my life will turn out like this. But I am happy now, I guess, of course, there are things here and there that could be better, but its okay. I've learnt to be contented with life. Its amazing how any simple decisions can lead to a chain of most unthought-of events. I've learnt that you can hardly stop caring for people whom you care about a whole lot, and the best that you can do is just to wish them the best in all that they do, and move on with your life.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Lynas, Lynas, oh Lynas

Ahhh I'm back! I have something which I wish to get off my chest of, and this concerns the most recent news on the Lynas plant setting up at Kuantan, Malaysia. I think everyone must have heard of oh-so-famous Lynas by now.

First of all, I must say that I am not keen of that idea myself, but I guess a girl like me doesn't have much power to change anything about it. Oh well. But here's my opinion. I think, if people really do want to stop Lynas from setting up here, they need to do more than just changing their profile pictures to banners, posting alien pictures on Facebook, and shouting curse words on posts and statuses, which I really think is very immature. If you are really supportive, why not get the hell out and go for the rally yourself?

It is actually inevitable, that factories would need to be built to accommodate the world's demand on rare earth metals. We are just unlucky enough that our government actually approve of them setting up here, and giving them tax exemptions as well! That's the thing about the government here, they're ....... (fill in the blank yourself.) But as for Lynas, they will need to set up their plant somewhere. If its not Malaysia then Indonesia? Or any other neighboring countries? It is okay if its set up at other countries then?

I saw people commented on how they should build it in the middle of a desert. Seriously? People are everywhere, even in the desert man. There will be workers in the factory too. So its okay if one day, a leak happened, and the people there all die? As long as its not at Malaysia, then its okay for other places, other people, other ecosystems to face the risk of contamination?

Let's just admit that we are all being selfish. If you really want to stop Lynas, why not lower the demand of rare earth metals by stop using or buying smart phones, iPods, laptops, flat screen TVs, hybrid cars, and all other equipment that use rare earth metals? I think at this point, most people would rather die from radiation than to lose all their electronic equipment forever. So, if you want to continue using your smart phones and all, why don't you suck it up when the factory which processes the metals necessary to produce your gadgets is set up, coincidentally at Malaysia?

Don't say stop Lynas, unless its really what you mean. You don't want them to stop productions, you don't want to live without all of your high-end gadgets. I guess, 'let other people die, move Lynas to other countries' or 'change the government', or maybe 'keep Lynas away from Malaysia', would be the more appropriate phrases for you.

Truth be told, I do not favor them setting up in Malaysia. Let's face it, nobody wants to die, or to face higher risks of dying. But I know its inevitable that they'll set up the plant somewhere, and I myself being a smart phone fan, a laptop user, TV user etc, have no rights to oppose them. Because of people like me, that they exist and grow. I will not go about telling everyone how we will turn into aliens and that we should stop Lynas. I will just stay where I am now, not involved, and neutral.

There I said it! :)
Psst, I think its my longest post ever. :O